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The founder and director of Native Translations, Dr. Robert Schlarb, was born and raised in Canada in a family that had immigrated from Germany. During subsequent schooling and university studies in Canada, the United States, Austria and Germany, he achieved not only the highest level of proficiency in both German and English but also a command of French as well as several literary classical languages, including Greek and Latin. After completing doctoral studies at the University of Vienna, he took up residence in Austria and eventually became an Austrian citizen. He has authored a number of books and professional articles in both German and English and has been offering translating and consecutive interpreting services for over 20 years.

Ursula Schlarb-Habres, a native Austrian, works particularly on projects involving proofreading, editing and legal translation. Besides completing other courses of study, she studied law at Vienna University and has lived and worked in the UK for an extended period. In the past she has also worked as a legal assistant and translator with a legal firm.

Besides Robert, a core team of freelance professional translators serve Native Translations on a project-by-project basis, particularly when languages other than German or English are required.

  • Dr. Robert Schlarb:
  • Origins in Canada and Germany, educated in Canada, USA, Austria and Germany
  • Doctoral studies at the University of Vienna
  • Over 20 years of experience in translating
  • Assisted by a core team of language professionals