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Particularly in manufacturing industries, concepts such as "quality assurance" and "Total Quality Management" have made tremendous in-roads in recent years. In some sectors it is virtually impossible to appear on the market without certification according to one of the ISO standards.

This movement has not halted before the translation industry. While several standards exist and a European standard is in preparation (EN 15038), like most other translation service providers we do not feel that the time is ripe for submitting to auditing procedures. This does not, however, mean that quality assurance plays no role in our working methods. Already today, we comply in principle with the requirements likely to be set forth by the new European standard. Defined procedures for tracking projects, identifying suitable translating staff, researching technical terms and checking translation quality prior to release are already in place. At the proper point in time we will be at the forefront of those applying for certification. Yet, in the mean time, compliance without certification provides clients with all of the benefits ― at no additional cost.

For further remarks on what constitutes translation quality, see the section on translation.

  • Quality assurance also applies to translation service providers
  • A European standard is in preparation
  • We already comply with the standard
  • Certification will be forthcoming in due time